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Sabbath School

The Sabbath School is the introductory pathway to the evangelistic arm of the church. The Sabbath School Department endeavours to provide the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ in a friendly non-judgemental way to one and all.  Our weekly Sabbath School service commences with prayer after a rousing Song Service followed by separation into three discussion units to which anyone may join and share the lesson.


1.  To encourage each unit member to engage in meaningful Bible Study.

2.  To fellowship with other SDA members within the church both locally and
      otherwise through active interactions.

3.  To provide a great opportunity for it's members to do a friendly act of kindness
      to any member of the local community.

4.  To participate in the SDA Global Mission, as apart of a world-wide church
      we support world missions financially and also by keeping abreast of
      what is happening through the mission report.


To create a Christ centred Fellowship where one and all especially the young people will be trained to become committed disciples of Jesus Christ. To set the tone for praise and worship in the sanctuary.
To equip members to study the Word of God through active Bible study with a willingness to share it with others.
To create an open non-judgemental forum where one feels free to ask questions and get answers especially if it relates to the Lesson Study.


Regular and Monthly open class Lesson Discussion;
Shut-in Lesson Study ;
Community Guest Day ;
Exchange Sabbath School programmes.


Sabbath School exchange programme:  Quarterly
Community Guest Day:  July
Twinning with the Music Ministries to do at least one:Sing-along, Home Visit.


Active evangelism is one of our primary goals,  as a result the Sabbath School aims to train it's members to study the Bible regularly and be able and ready to engage in contemplating the very important need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. 
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Hospital Visits
Nature  Walks


For Adult Sabbath School lesson guide, please visit:
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